We’re an enthusiastic group with more than 65 years’ combined experience.

Our team has a substantial investment record working with small to mid-sized, privately owned, long-term care and senior housing businesses. And although we typically meet short-term financing needs, we’re in the business of building long-term relationships.

ERIC SMITH Managing Director/Principal
Office 732.945.7474
Direct 732.945.7459

• 20+ years’ structured finance experience
• Invested in 300+ transactions representing $1B in capital
• Principal in 7 prior healthcare investment funds

My experience in this industry is unique in that it’s the only thing I know. Other lenders and investors frequently come and go in this market, but I’ve stayed the course for 20 years. I’ll be here another 20, too. I’m a lifer.

I have tremendous respect for the business owners in this field who do what they do. Seniors healthcare and housing solutions, by their nature, help serve a greater good. It’s what drew me to the industry in the late 90s. And it’s what continues to keep me here.

CHRISTOPHER CLAPS Managing Director/Principal
Office 732.945.7474
Direct 732.945.7461

• 15+ years’ healthcare and finance experience
• Invested in 150+ transactions representing $500M in capital
• Holds an MBA, plus a Master’s degree in biomedical sciences

I think there are real opportunities to change the status quo in long-term care. Many of those changes come from people willing to start a new company or improve upon what’s been done elsewhere. For me, that’s the best part of the job: seeing an entrepreneur’s vision come to fruition, and seeing the difference that vision can make in improving someone’s quality of life.

And, of course, helping play even a small role in that. It’s tremendously rewarding.

DAN CONTARDI Managing Director/Principal
Office 732.945.7474
Direct 732.945.7466

• 9+ years’ finance and investment experience
• Invested in 150+ transactions representing $500M in capital
• Certified assisted living administrator

I started in the copy room as an intern and have since worked every job from analyst to underwriter to originator. I’ve also worked in healthcare facilities as a certified administrator. All of which give me a unique overview of every aspect of this industry.

HELEN QUICK Managing Director/Principal
Office 732.945.7474
Direct 202.841.6342

• 25+ years’ healthcare and finance experience as attorney
• Managed over 200+ transactions healthcare finance
• Holds an JD and BA from the University of Virginia
• Served in bus dev role and in-house counsel of 2 technology companies

Since my first job out of law school, I have been keenly interested in not only providing high quality legal services, but also driving value to the businesses I represent.  This value is derived in many ways – primarily in earning the trust of my clients and partners and becoming one of their inner circle business advisors.  I have worked with the team at Locust Point for over 15 years.  I know their business, and, more importantly, I know they are the best in their business and when I was asked to join the team, I jumped at the chance to work with partners I have come to know well and trust and who, on a consistent basis, work with me to drive value to our investors, our customers and our business partners.

John Weber CFO
Office 732.945.7467

• 15 years accounting experience
• Worked on 10 previous investment funds representing $3B in assets
• Certified Public Accountant

I have had the pleasure to provide accounting services in several different industries, and while they have all been positive experiences, I feel that I have finally found my calling. There is a deep sense of satisfaction that goes beyond the numbers. It is incredibly fulfilling to know that the work we do here can make a difference.

No middle management. No running
approvals up the flagpole. You’ll deal with a decision-maker directly.